OLM Parish Bulletin for for January 5 , 2014


January 05, 2014  2nd Sunday After Christmas

Please remember your parish when you make your will (estate). Thank You!

Dear Parishioners,

I hope that all of you have had a joyful Christmas and I would like to thank you for your prayers, greeting & gifts. May Christ continue to grant you a heart full of love.
I had a chance to talk with Fr Sarmed, a Chaldean rite priest & Fr Edward, a Melkite rite priest who is in residence at OLM.
They told me the challenges in serving the Catholic refugees from the Middle East. I believe that as people of God we must help them as much as we can. I read the homily of Pope Francis on the feast of
the Holy Family. “Today’s Gospel tells the story of the Holy Family’s painful flight to Egypt in search of exile. Joseph, Mary & Jesus experience the dramatic condition of life as refugees, full of fear, uncertainty & discomfort. Unfortunately, in our times, millions of families can identify with this sad reality. Nearly every day, television & newspapers provide news about refugees fleeing hunger, war & other serious dangers in search of security & a decent life for themselves & their families. In distant lands, even when they found work, refugees & immigrants are not always welcomed, nor do they find respect & appreciation for values they bring. Their legitimate expectations clash with complex situations & problems that at times appear insurmountable. The tragedy of migrants & refugees who are victims of rejection & exploitation…of human trafficking & forced labour, as well as those who are exiled within
families: the elderly, for example, who are sometimes treated as a cumbersome presence. Jesus wanted to belong to a family that experienced these difficulties, so that no one may be excluded from
God’s loving closeness. The flight into Egypt due to Herod’s threats shows us that God is present wherever man in danger, where man suffers, where he flees, where he experiences rejection
& neglect. But He is also present where man dreams, hopes to return to his homeland in freedom, makes plans for his life & dignity & for that of his family.
Pope Francis reminded the people of the three key words for peace & joy in family life: “excuse me, thank you, sorry” explaining that when we do not want to be intrusive in our family & say “excuse me” when we are not selfish and say “thank you” and when we make mistakes & apologise, then there is peace & joy within a family. I hope that some of you are inspired to serve our refugee brothers & sisters.
Sincerely in Christ

Fr Nicolas


Weekly Catechism:

SECTION TWO – Article 1
God is Love
218 In the course of its history, Israel was able to discover that God had only one reason to reveal himself to them, a single motive for choosing them from among all peoples as his special possession: his sheer gratuitous love and thanks to the prophets Israel understood that it was again out of love that God never stopped saving them and pardoning their unfaithfulness and sins.
219 God’s love for Israel is compared to a father’s love for his son. His love for his people is stronger than a mother’s for her children. God loves his people more than a bridegroom his beloved; his love will be victorious over even the worst infidelities and will extend to his most precious gift: “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.”
220 God’s love is “everlasting”: “For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you.” Through Jeremiah, God declares to his people, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faith-fulness to you.”
221 But St. John goes even further when he affirms that “God is love”: God’s very being is love. By sending his only Son and the Spirit of Love in the fullness of time, God has revealed his innermost secret: God himself is an eternal exchange of love, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and he has destined us to share in that exchange.

Mass & Devotion Timings

Weekend: Saturday: 9 am , 5pm (anticipated)
Sunday: 9 & 11 am
Weekdays: Monday to Thursday: 8:15 am
Friday: 9 am & 7 pm.
Public Holidays: 9 am
Perpetual Adoration Chapel: Mon to Thurs 9 am to 7 am
Friday: 10 pm to 7 am; Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm & 9 pm to 7 am;
Sunday : 1 pm to 7 am.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday: 9:45 am to 6:15
pm , with Divine Mercy Novena/Chaplet at 3:00 pm & Benediction at
6:30 pm.
Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help: Wednesday at 6:30 pm.
Confession: 30 minutes prior to Masses or upon request.
Infant Baptism: Baptisms are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month
at 12:30 pm. Baptism instructions must be attended by parents and God
parents, on the last Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm in the church.
Parents must be registered/active parishioners of any given church.
Please call the parish office with your name before instructions.
Marriage: Contact the pastor at least four months prior to the date of
your marriage.
Bible Study: Meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm
Children’s Liturgy: Children are taken aside during Mass and taught
the liturgy, thereby helping parents hear Mass better.
Catholic Women’s League: Meet every second Tuesday of the month
at 7pm in the children’s room.
Couples for Christ: Helps couples strengthen family bonds
Community of the Risen Lord: Meet 3rd Wednesday of the month at
7:00 pm.
Hand Maids of the Lord: Meet every Sunday at 2 pm -basement
Indonesian Mass: 6:30 pm every (1st &3rd Saturday)
Knights of Columbus: Meet every first Wednesday of the month at
7:30 pm in the basement.
Legion of Mary: Meet every Saturday at 12.30 pm (except 1st Sat)
Junior: Every Sunday at 12:00 pm
Spanish: Every Saturday at 9:30 am after the Mass
Mustard Seed Group: Every Monday from 7 to 9pm
– do Healing Service: Every 2nd Saturday after 5 pm Mass
Opus Dei—Ladies: Meet every 4th Wednesday at10:00 am
Opus Dei-Gents: Meet ever 2nd Monday at 6:00 pm
Parish Religious Education Program (PREP): This program is for
Catholic children attending non-Catholic schools. Religious classes are
offered every Wednesday from 6:30pm. To enroll please contact the
parish office.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): For non-Catholics
who want to join the church, and Catholics who want to deepen their
Youth Ministry: 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month from 1pm to
Our Lady of Mercy School—Principal: Neva Grout
Telephone 604.526.7121;Fax 604.520.3194,
E-Mail: [email protected]


24 Hours for World Peace: Participate in the “24
Hours for World Peace” online vigil by sharing messages of peace and solidarity on a world scale. All persons who wish for peace are invited to sign up on the website in order to receive messages of peace by email throughout the 24 hours of the first day of the year. We encourage all communities, parishes & groups to participate in the event by transmitting the call in their milieus, signing up on the website and for the more enthusiastic, organizing a vigil on the day itself, Jan 1, 2014
in celebration of World Day of Peace. http:/24hoursforworldpeace.org/en
Save the Date: One Conference 2014 – The ONE Conference is the annual Archdiocesan event to cultivate, unite & inspire leadership for our Archdiocesan mission. Featuring world-class speakers Fr Robert Spitzer, SJ, Christopher West, Dr Josephine Lombardi & a closing Mass with Archbishop J. Michael Miller, this is the “can’t miss” opportunity for everyone involved & interested in the life & mission of the Church in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The conference will be at the Vancouver Convention Ctr, East Building, 999 Canada
Place, Sat, Feb 15, 2014 from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Doors open 8 am. Tickets are $40/- & can be purchased on line at https://onecatholic.ca/
Please Note: We have had no update from the Archdiocese this weekend due to holidays.


Altar Servers………Andres Markwart………….778.847.8712
Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Elaine Tan….604.525.7048
Knights of Columbus (KOC) Raymund Siglos…604.524.9547
Parish Religious Education (PREP) Marivic Cregan..604.520.6814
For more contacts, please refer to the bulletin board in the foyer.

Mass Schedule & Intentions

Sat. Jan 04, 5:00 pm † Tom & Miguel Pagalilauan
Sun. Jan 05, 9:00 am Michella & Merilyn Morales-Thksg
11:00 am † Enrique & Clara Flores
Mon Jan 06, 8:15 am Suh Pill Michael – Int
Tue. Jan 07, 8:15 am † Siobhan Lincoln
Wed. Jan 08, 8:15 am Gonzales Tablas – Int
Thu. Jan 09, 8:15 am † Euforsina T. Reyes
Fri. Jan 10, 9:00 am Paul & Angela Fong-Intentions
7:00 pm Jesse Azucena
Sat. Jan 11, 9:00am Gisele Mubalama – Thksg


OLMP Christmas Party: Our Christmas party was a suc-
cess. Thank you to all those who helped and contributed:
Peter Siglos & his team cooked a lovely meal, The Indone-
sian community contributed some yummy noodles, all
those who brought a dish, Couples for Christ, Hand Maids
of the Lord who brought loads of fruit, Youth for Christ
who put up an entertainment, Albert Taculod and his dance
band, Brad Gibson for setting up the tables. We have 5
boxes of donated items to be sent to the Phillippines. It
was a very touching team effort. We would have liked to
see more of our parish prayer groups show up. This is a
time to socialise and get to know each other better. For
those who did not show up we hope to see you around next
Thanksgiving Philipino Mass: at 7:30 pm on Sunday,
January 5, 2014. Celebrant Fr Edgar Polotan of Sacred
Heart Parish, Ladner, S. Delta.
CWL – 2013 Giving Tree of Hope: The CWL would like
to thank everyone who donated to the 2013 Giving Tree of
Hope. Your generosity has raised $1,650/- towards the
Guardian Angel Campaign doubling the donation to
$3,300/-. On behalf of Domestic Abuse Services and the
women they serve, thank you very much!
Envelopes for 2014: Envelopes for 2014 are placed in the
foyer. Kindly pick up your respective envelopes. If you
cannot find your respective envelope, please contact Jean at
the parish office at 604.522.5733. Please do not use 2013
or any previous year envelopes for your donations.
Mass for 2014: Bookings for Masses for 2014 have al-
ready started. If you have a special event and would like to
offer a Mass, please book in advance to avoid disappoint-
Come and Be Healed by the Power of God: Let Him
renews your mind, body and spirit. Mustard Seed Healing
Ministry invites you to a Healing Prayer Service on Janu-
ary 11, 2014 after the 5:00 pm Mass at our church. The
Blessed Sacrament will be exposed during the entire ser-
vice. A procession with the Blessed Sacrament will follow.
Be touched by God’s healing love.
For info please call 604.239.0556


Rory Walker, Linda Walker, Brian W. Daniel McCarthy, Marisa Antoniazzi, Lourdes Andal, Mely Sia, Frank & Olga Beer, Erma Suarez,
Lorraine LeBoutais, Sonia Burrow, Sydney Shanti, John C. Walker, Elizabeth Keobke,Steven Partington, Amiceto Rabang, Patrick Jonathan
Mangki, Barbara Eason, Delima Ngui, Patrick Tranquilino, Francisca Prinsipe, Teresita Nixon, Urania Paz, Trevor Wong, Carol Ann, Annalyn
Holy Communion: Any one who is shut-in and wishes to receive the Eucharist please let us know. If you have a loved one who is sick
and needs our prayers, and would like to insert their name in the bulletin, kindly contact the office.
PS: Due to limited space in the bulletin, the names will appear for two weeks only. If you require to extend, please call the office. Thank You .
Domestic Abuse Services: Help Line 604.640.7549