Dear Parishioners,
For some of new parishioners, perhaps the term ‘Project Advance’ is unfamiliar to you. It is the archdiocesan annual appeal where the fund raised will be used by the archdiocese and our parish to fund the work of charity and different projects in the archdiocese and our parish. Our parish goal for this year 2017 is CAD 200,000. Through the generosity of our year 2015 donors, we could witness the improvement of our church and school facilities, in year 2015 we managed to replace the roof of the church and rectory since 25 years ago, renovated the gym kitchen, replaced some of the school windows, some minor renovation around the church and school, inviting different speakers and send our people/catechists to different courses etc. and with your support we continue to improve our parish and school physically and spiritually.
Let us be reminded again that we are as today that because of the generosity of our past donors and we would like you to also be part of this legacy by participating in this year project advance. Your participation is more important than the amount you give. I hope that you are open for this good cause and thank you in advance.

Sincerely in Christ,
Father Nicolas

Project Advance is our annual appeal that enables the pastoral work and spiritual mission of our local Church to flourish. Your gift to Project Advance helps us meet the material and spiritual need of our Church and parishes. This year’s appeal focuses on the message One Faith. One Church. One Family. Our faith community is expansive and despite our geographical locations and our cultural diversity, which is to be celebrated, we are all united by our faith; we all belong to one Church. View this year’s video or find out more about the works supported by Project Advance at
Your gift to Project Advance last year in the parish has been used to pay the changing of the part of parish school library wall. This year 2017 , our parish goal is $200,000. We will start saving for the building of our future Parish Centre and Rectory. Together let us continue to live gratefully and give generously. Our Project Advance Volunteers will be available after each Mass to accept your pledge/donation.


” With your gift, you are opening wide the door for others.  Thank you for recognizing that God has given you the blessings of faith, family and treasure.  I ask you to be as generous as possible, so that together we may ensure that all those who knock will find a door open for them.”


Dear Friends in Christ,
When introducing the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict XVI said that “to enter through the door is to set out on a journey that lasts a lifetime.”
As they make their way on their journey, many have to meet various pressing needs. We are blessed to be able to open a door for them.
Your gift to Project Advance will be opening the door of faith for young people as they grow in knowledge, love of God and service to others in our schools, and for young adults as they become more involved in our parishes and
communities. Other programs support those with various challenges to help them learn more about the Lord. As well, you will be opening the door for all those who turn to one of our Catholic Charities because they are hungry, homeless or marginalized.
With your gift, you are opening wide the door for others. Thank you for recognizing that God has given you the blessings of faith, family and treasure. I ask you to be as generous as possible, so that together we may ensure that all those who knock will find a door open for them.
With cordial best wishes and the assurance of my prayers for you and your families, I am.

– Archbishop J. Michael Miller

Project Advance is the annual diocesan-wide appeal that helps fund the many institutions, programs, ministries, and needs within the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Since 1980 parishes have come to rely on the opportunity of Project Advance to help not only the Archdiocese but to join as a community to build or improve their own parish. Over the years an astounding $79,000,000 has been returned to parishes so they can meet the growing needs they have for their buildings and programs. Each year brings new challenges to maintain and improve parish churches, schools, halls and rectories.  More and more parishes are installing wheelchair  accessible ramps and washrooms, replacing old roofs and outdated wiring, building meeting rooms and school rooms or reducing their debt from recent projects.
Something always needs to be done in every parish. Project Advance has become the easiest and most familiar way for parishes to plan for the next project and invite their parishioners to join in making it happen. Many like the way they can give once (or monthly) for the Archdiocese and also see how their gift benefits their own parish directly. Your parish benefits too.
Every year Project Advance invites Catholic groups working to help others in the Archdiocese to apply
for a capital grant to aid their endeavours. To find out if you might qualify or to learn more visit our website
The 2013 appeal is responding to requests from: DeSales Ministry for the Deaf for communications, safety and office equipment to aid and enhance the spiritual education of the children and parents in the deaf community. Seabird Island First Nations Church for their  renovation project to improve the heating system, replace windows, floors and seating in their church on the reserve. Sancta Maria House for improvements to their recovery home for women with substance abuse. Signal Hill for media, outreach and office equipment to help in their commitment to inspire more people to cherish and protect life. Catholic Christian Outreach for video and photo equipment for use in their commitment to young adults on university campuses.

A history of faith… A future of promise
The prevailing philosophy of the Project Advance appeal is to instill in every Catholic in the Archdiocese a daily awareness that every gift of nature and grace is a gift from Almighty God.  We are not the sole possessors of our gifts, but only stewards who are privileged to return a portion of our time, talent, and treasure to God for the work of His Church.
Project Advance is Diocesan-wide
The annual Project Advance Appeal is an important diocesan-wide fundraising project that provides financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries of the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of Vancouver. It is an opportunity for all Catholics in the Archdiocese to join together and express solidarity with the Church and the Archbishop of Vancouver by making a freewill contribution to help carry on the work Christ has entrusted to us, God’s stewards.
For more information about Project Advance, you may contact George Brooks at OLM, or you can visit the Archdiocese’s site on Project Advance

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